JCubed_ volleys success into Rocket League Top 10

Justin (JCubed_) Janulewicz has quickly risen in the Rocket League Esports rankings in recent months.

Rocket League is a cross-platform video game that is a soccer based competition with vehicles. 

JCubed_ currently ranks No. 8 in the World in Rocket League gameplay. JCubed_ reflected on this accomplishment, saying it was mainly because he started enjoying the game.

“Once I felt I was having a good time with the game, I started to forget about what position I was on the leaderboards.”

JCubed_ continued by mentioning that holding a position in the Top 100 was not the goal. In Actuality, his goal was to perform and win in essential tournaments and Local Area Network (LAN) events.

JCubed_ found a lot of success in due part to his playing style. Being a dominant offensive player may seem like the strength of the game, and that was where JCubed_ found success early-on, especially with a successful ariel attack.

JCubed_ took a small hiatus from the game to focus on schooling but came back for a dominant showing during Season 13. 

The motivation to return for Season 13 was based on the recent announcement that Oakland University would be adding an Esports program. 

During this time JCubed_ played an extensive amount of Rocket League, which allowed him to build more consistent game-play.

“This grind made me combine both my aggressive play styles from my earlier seasons to the support role of the team to get a sweet balance of both,” JCubed_ said. “Now, I try just to keep practicing these skills so that I made them more and more consistently.”

JCubed_ explained that in his opinion, he believes that consistency is the top skill to have to be good at Rocket League. 

What’s next for JCubed_?

JCubed_ recently signed up to become a member of the Oakland University Esports program. 

JCubed_ brings a lot of experience within the Rocket League community since the release and competitive showing.

His experience doesn’t just stop there. JCubed_ has also been apart of numerous teams of different calibers, which have allowed him to build his skills and knowledge of the game from a player’s standpoint.

The knowledge and experience JCubed_ has obtained from his time playing Rocket League has proven to be useful both managing and playing. 

Check out JCubed_ on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/jcubed_/videos) and follow him on social media (https://twitter.com/JCubedRL) for the latest announcements regarding his streaming.

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