When adversity came knocking, Demone Harris turned to God

Demone Harris suffered a rather stressful week filled with many ups and downs. 

Even while dealing with stress and adversity, Harris capped off his week in a rewarding fashion. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Baltimore Ravens announced the signing of Harris to the practice squad.

The 23-year-old outside linebacker out of the University of Buffalo was visiting Baltimore for a workout just days after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

During the visit, Harris lost the engagement ring that he had planned to use on Friday, Oct. 18th, for his now-fiance, Arianna.

On an Instagram post, Harris described the situation from being cut from the Buccaneers to losing the ring and then signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

“I held my composure and put my faith in God,” Harris said. “Literally, in a matter of hours, I got a call from the Ravens.”

The Baltimore Ravens wanted to fly Harris out Tuesday night for a workout on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

But when adversity comes knocking, it comes hitting hard.

After his workout on Wednesday, Harris was scheduled to fly back to Buffalo as part of his proposal plan. However, that was when Harris realized the engagement ring was missing. 

Harris had just over an hour before his flight departed from Baltimore to Buffalo. He had ordered an Uber to take him back to the Baltimore Ravens hotel but was unable to find the ring.

Harris kept his composure around his now-fiance, Arianna, but credits his ability to maintain calm to God.

“I’m so used to adversity in my life that I just felt as if God was testing me,” Harris said. “It just meant that something amazing was going to happen.”

That something amazing happened on Thursday, Oct. 17th, when the Baltimore Ravens team hotel called and said they found the ring.

A rollercoaster of a week that was full of stress ended with a rewarding finale. 

Harris kept his head high throughout the entire situation but admitted that he didn’t know everything was going to be okay.

I always keep my head high no matter what, how can I lose when I have never had anything,” Harris said. “I didn’t know everything was going to be okay, but God has always had his hand on my life.”

Not only is Harris engaged, but he is a newly signed member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Harris was an undrafted free agent out of the University of Buffalo that signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018. Unfortunately, Harris never got an opportunity to play a defensive snap but receives a new opportunity with Baltimore.

Baltimore called him Tuesday regarding a workout shortly after the Buccaneers released him. Two days later, the Baltimore Ravens said they were going to sign the young outside linebacker on Monday.

“I was actually grateful believe it or not,” Harris said. “Tampa gave me my first opportunity to play in the NFL.”

What does Demone Harris bring to the Baltimore Ravens defense? Passion. Just straight and utter passion.

“I can’t make any promises, but I know I will give it my all,” Harris said. “I’ll put it on the line for the city, and I am already feeling the love.”

As I mentioned earlier, when adversity comes knocking, it comes hitting hard. Harris kept his faith strong and not only walked away with a new team but also engaged to the women of his dreams.

“Adversity is inevitable, but it is how you respond to it that defines you.”

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