Cody Freeman Ready For Year Two With Rangers

AZL Texas Rangers celebrating championship victory over AZL Cleveland Indians

Cody Freeman, a Fourth Round pick by the Texas Rangers, has some bragging rights on his older brother Tyler Freeman, a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians organization.

During his first professional season in the minor league farm system, Cody Freeman and the Texas Rangers defeated the Cleveland Indians in the Arizona League Championship.

Freeman discussed his experience in the Arizona League and capitalizing it off with a championship ring.

“What a blessing and time it was being part of this special team I was on,” Freeman said. “Winning the Arizona League championship was a time I’ll never forget, especially against the Indians, I get to have a little bragging rights to my brother.”

Although the Rangers won the Championship, Freeman’s transition from high school to minor league baseball was not easy.

Freeman started the season off slow but finished the season quite strong. On August 29, Freeman had an RBI and run scored. Capping off an impressive two months when he hit .290/.437/.355 with 21 walks to 17 strikeouts.

Freeman discussed the transition by highlighting the vast difference he had experienced.

“From High school to professional baseball, it was a huge adjustment. Starting with the velocity of the pitching, to receiving balls at SS and second base that are hit at very faster speeds, way faster runners coming down the line and seeing different types of advanced off-speed pitches,” Freeman said.

It was a game Freeman has very much been familiar with since he was a child. After his first hit in the minor league system, everything went uphill.

Freeman was a dual-threat option after splitting time at second base and shortstop throughout 34 games. During that span, Freeman recorded a .233 average, 10 RBI, and eight stolen bases. Freeman was a dual-threat option after splitting time at second base and shortstop throughout 34 games.

Following his rookie season with the AZL Texas Rangers, Freeman discussed his overall performance and where he can improve heading into year two.

“Overall, my first year of professional baseball couldn’t go any better than the way it did,” Freeman said. “Our team had a bond that couldn’t be broken, we were all family to one another.”

The AZL Rangers started the season a little slow and finished strong with a championship ring.

Playing 56 games can take a toll on an athletes body both mentally and physically, especially transition from high school to the minor league system.

Freeman, drafted straight out of high school, discussed the rigorous workload in the minors.

“The first couple of weeks, physically, my body has never done that much throughout a day,” Freeman said. “It’s a whole day to get better whether in the weight room, conditioning field, tee work, extra defense, base running, etc.”

But as time goes on, it becomes a routine, and your body grows to get used to it.

The mental effects are a different story. Especially playing in the Arizona League. The sport of baseball has been the same game for Freeman throughout his career. But, going into the minors is different. Now you have teammates and coaches from diverse backgrounds.

Now that it’s the offseason Freeman kicks off training to build upon a strong rookie season as he prepares for year two.

“This off-season, my goals never change, to get bigger, stronger, faster,” Freeman said. “We have an off season workout plan with the Rangers and can’t wait to get after it.”

Freeman thanks God for a great and healthy first year of professional baseball for the Texas Rangers. But, it’s just the start for the talented, young prospect.

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