Get To Know 2019 NFL Prospect, Clayton Dry

Clayton Dry grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Glendale Community College before transferring to Black Hills State.

However, before attending Glendale Community College, Dry was a member of the Mountain Pointe High School football team.

Dry was a member of the Mountain Pointe program that won a state title in 2013. Dry had the opportunity to partake in the Blue and Grey All-American game and earned All-State and All-Conference honors.

Dry started his collegiate career playing football at Glendale Community College. Dry spent two years with the organization before transferring to Black Hills State University.

Dry reflected on his decision to attend Black Hills State by talking very highly of the surrounding area.

“I chose to attend Black Hills State because of the people in the community that I developed friendships with,” Dry said. “The town of Spearfish is an outdoorsmen’s paradise! I have enjoyed my time here and met some amazing people.”

Football was never a top priority for Dry. Instead, Dry had his future set on a much different career. It wasn’t until later that Dry realized that football could be a viable career choice.

“When I was little, I always wanted to be a bull rider,” Dry said. “I didn’t really think of playing professional football until my grandma and I started watching the Denver Broncos.”

Focusing on football was the right decision for Dry. In 2018, Dry was a member of the Yellow Jackets offensive line that ranked fourth in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The offensive line finished the season allowing just 21 sacks.

Being an offensive lineman can be tough, but Dry was a multiple sport athlete in high school which helped prepare him for college.

“I enjoyed playing other sports during my freshman and sophomore years in high school,” Dry said. “I decided I wanted to concentrate on my football career during my junior year and chose to move to Arizona. I saw how serious football was in Arizona and felt that I didn’t have any time for other sports.”

Moving to Arizona was a factor to Dry finding success on the field. However, growing up Dry idolized one of the most successful centers to ever play in the NFL.

“The player I idolized growing up was Jeff Saturday. I like how he played the game at center,” Dry said.

Saturday was the perfect player for Dry to learn from at a young age. Finding success on the field has paved the way to an active collegiate career.

While a majority of transfer athletes are welcomed on the field, some also face obstacles brought upon by teammates. Dry was able to adjust and conquer those obstacles and ultimately gained respect from his new teammates.

“The biggest obstacle I faced at Black Hills State was earning respect from my teammates,” Dry said. “Coming from a junior college I had to live up to the expectations that I could make a difference on the offensive line.”

I observed Dry’s 2018 film and was satisfied with the results. Dry is a player that has a muscular build. His ability to hold blocks and create gaps is impressive.

Dry should find himself upon an NFL roster this offseason due to his success on the field and his ability to improve his game.

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