2019 NFL Draft Prospect, RJ Martin

RJ Martin grew up in Denver Colorado and attended Chaparral High School. Martin tallied 345 total tackles during his three seasons on varsity. During those three consecutive seasons, Martin tallied over 100 total tackles.

Martin’s senior campaign was truly eye-opening. In 2014, Martin accumulated 120 tackles, three sacks, and two forced fumbles.

His success on the field landed him an opportunity to play at Adams State University. Martin discussed his decision to attend Adams State, which is located in Alamosa, Colorado.

“I wanted to be a business major, so that was one of the first questions I asked about the academic side of the school,” Martin said. “Once I found out about how successful the business department is it was a no brainer.”

Not only was Adams State University a great school academically but it was also convenient for his family. The university was just four hours away from where he grew up. Choosing Adams State was a no brainer knowing his family could make it to every game.

Martin knew his love and passion for the sport of football would eventually pay off. At a young age, Martin believed that one day he would play professionally.

“Growing up I have always wanted to be a professional player,” Martin said.

Martin dedicated countless hours on improving his game. Ultimately, Martin found success on the field. Watching numerous hours of film and devoting time on and off the field to enhance benefited Martin greatly.

“I wanted to take more time from my other sports and put that time into my game to become the best football player possible,” Martin said.

Martin was able to see an abundance of talented NFL players growing up. Choosing someone to look up to must have been a difficult decision. However, Martin decided to mold his game after one of the most talented defensive players we have seen in years,

“Growing up I played linebacker, so I wanted to be just like Ray Lewis, even though I play defensive tackle now I still like to have that Ray mentality,” Martin said.

Choosing to mold his game after Ray Lewis was indeed a difference maker regarding his success on the field. Martin finished his collegiate career with 74 total tackles, six tackles for loss, two fumble recoveries and forced a fumble.

Every athlete faces obstacles throughout his collegiate career. Martin, on the other hand, met something inevitable heading into his senior season.

“I would say the most significant adjustment or obstacle would probably be having a new coaching staff going into my senior season,” Martin said.

Martin had an impressive college career at Adams State University. While viewing his film, I saw an athlete with ambition and love for the game of football. Martin had solid technique as he can shed blocks and generate tackles.

Martin is looking to continue his athletic career as the NFL draft quickly approaches.

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