2019 NFL Draft Prospect, CB, Basir Wright

Douglas, Georgia native and New Manchester high schoolgraduate could see his childhood dreams become a reality.

Basir Wright grew up in Georgia and was exposed to sportsearly on. However, football made the biggest impact on his life.

“I continued to play football over basketball and track because I ended up not having a passion for those sports anymore,” Wright said. “When I competed I felt as if it was a job and not exciting.”

Wright ultimately chose football because he knew thatfootball was the one way for him to attend college without his parents payingfor his education.

Playing professional football has always been the dreamwhether it be the NFL, CFL, or AAF.

“I knew that playing in front of a big crowd was my callingand I wanted to drastically change the financial standings of my family.”

Ultimately, his athletic ability landed him an opportunityto attend Johnson C. Smith University in North Carolina to continue hisathletic and academic career.

“Signing week was approaching fast and I got a call to comeup on an official visit,” Wright said. “I talked it over with my parents andthis was an opportunity to do something big for my family that hasn’t beendone.”

Wright can become the first person in his family to graduatecollege. At Johnson C. Smith University, Wright pursued a degree in accounting.

While a member of the Golden Bulls, Wright accumulated 188 tackles, 16 pass breakups, six interceptions, four sacks, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

“Growing up I tried to mold my game after Sean Taylor and EdReed,” Wright said. “I knew I wasn’t the biggest player on the field so I wasto make sure that I was the most physical player.”

Wright went on to mention that he would watch hours of film tolearn more about their games to help him mold his.

Wright is a hard hitter with a lot of upside. His quicknessis impressive and his ability to explode laterally allows him to close gaps anddefend against receivers. Overall, Wright is an impressive safety because ofhis overall speed both laterally and vertically. Being able to pin point theball at its highest point is remarkable. Not very often do you see Wright getbeat off the snap which is a great quality to have in a cornerback.

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