2019 NFL Draft Prospect, DL, Marc Blanc

Florida native, Marc Blanc is following his dreams of pursuing a career in the NFL following an impressive career at the University of Mount Union.

In 2012, Blanc recorded 43 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, and five sacks at Coral Springs High School. Blanc had a successful high school career playing football and it showed both on and off the field. Blanc ultimately decided to take his talents to the University of Mount Union to continue his academic and athletic career.

At Mount Union, Blanc pursed a degree in criminal justice and participated in events such as Be the Match and Alliance City Clean Up.

 “I wasn’t the highest rated recruit out of high school, but I still wanted to be part of a good program that I felt would really develop me but also give me a chance,” Blanc said. “Athletics aside, they also offer very strong academic programs and experienced professors. The strong academic presence worked to seal the deal.”

During the 2018 season, the senior defensive end racked up 27 tackles, eight tackles for loss, and 4.5 sacks. Blanc was impressive off the snap. Highlighting his upper body strength and control allowed him to shed countless blocks to penetrate the offensive line. His speed and elusiveness were intriguing because it allowed Blanc to make plays anywhere on the field.

Growing up athletes play multiple sports. Most of the time, however, athletes find themselves better at one sports compared to the others. For Blanc his passion and love for football was noticed immediately. “As I began to put in more work and dedicate more time to football, the results of that time and work began to show,” Blanc said. Knowing your passion and love for a sport at a young age allows players more time to improve and create an impact.

I asked Blanc to reflect on his future goals. Since Blanc pursed a degree in criminal justice I was curious as to what his future goals were. Did he always vision himself playing football? Or was there another dream in mind? “I have always wanted to play professional football,” Blanc said. “Football has always been my first love and I know that with enough hard work, that goal can be achieved.”

Blanc had an outstanding career at Mount Union and his hard work really paid off. Consistently putting in time to improve his skills allowed for increased dominance on the field. “I’ve always tried to mold my game after both Khalil Mack and Justin Houston. Two of the NFL’s most dominant defenders,” Blanc said.

Blanc pushes himself on and off the field. Constantly fighting blocks and chasing down plays has allowed for Blanc to succeed. The effort seen in his highlight tape showcases Blanc’s skillset.

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