2019 NFL Draft Prospect, DB, Andrew Roach

Pace University cornerback and Clinton, Maryland native is chasing his dreams as the NFL Draft quickly approaches.

Andrew Roach attended high school at Arundel Senior. After an extraordinary high school career which allowed Roach to continue playing football at Sacred Heart University.

After playing numerous sports growing up I asked Roach what made him ultimately choose to stay with football over the other sports.

Roach said, “football has always been my passion over other sports I’ve played such as track and basketball.”

Playing multiple sports growing up is huge for an athlete looking to continue his experience into college or maybe even as a professional. Playing multiple sports allows for athletes to learn and grow in multiple ways but it also helps athletes avoid injuries.

Track is one of the better sports for football players because it allows them to gain extra speed needed to compete at a higher level. Basketball, on the other hand, helps players build the necessary leg strength to avoid any serious injuries.

Cleary sticking to football was the right choice for Roach because it allowed him to continue his collegiate career at Sacred Heart University before attending Pace University as a graduate transfer.

“I attended Pace University for my 5th year because of Damian Mincey who was my former defensive coordinator and a great friend of mine. I had a great year for him while I was at East Coast Prep in 2014. I earned scholarship offers from schools such as Purdue and Sacred Heart, but I ultimately committed to Sacred Heart for my undergraduate,” said Roach. The decision to attend Pace University was good because during the 2018-19 season, Roach allowed just 10 catches on 34 targets (29% completion rate when targeted), zero touchdowns, and allowed 118 yards.

Those are just a couple of the impressive stats Roach was able to accumulate this season. The others include 25 tackles (21 solos, four assisted), five pass deflections, three interceptions, one tackle for loss, and one forced fumble.

During his time at Sacred Heart and Pace University, Roach pursed a degree Media and Communication Arts at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

I asked Roach if playing professionally was always the dream or if he had a different dream in mind. “I have wanted to play professionally since the age of 4. I can remember watching Emmitt Smith when I was younger knowing that football was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” said Roach.

Roach has an incredible set of skills when it comes to playing football. Roach portrays elite quickness and hip mobility that allows him to maintain coverage regardless of the route. Not only can Roach play excellent coverage but he has a knack for wrapping up and successfully recording a tackle.

However, Roach has accumulated these skills all by himself since not molding his game after any professional athletes. “I don’t think I mold my game after any particular player. But coming from Maryland I have been watching Joe Haden for awhile and admire his game,” said Roach.

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