NFL Draft Prospect, Defensive Back, Justin Wyatt

Born in Georgia and playing collegiately in Ohio,Alabama and South Carolina helped pave way for a dominant season from animpressive defensive back.

Justin Wyatt attended Collins Hill High School inSuwanee, Georgia. Wyatt started off originally playing as a wide receiver beforebeing asked to play safety in 2017 at Troy University.

Wyatt was an impressive playmaker on offense. Rackingup nearly 1,900 yards on 132 receptions as a member of the Eagles. However, themost impressive portion of Wyatt’s game was his red-zone ability. Wyatt managedto record 17 touchdowns receiving and managed to rush for five more.

However, the stats don’t stop there because Wyatt wasalso a member of the Eagles defense and managed to record 165 tackles, 11 sacksand 19 tackles for loss.

Wyatt was quite impressive and reporters noticed. Wyatt earned First Team All-Region Honors and First Team All-County Honors and was named a NUC All-American.

“After Juco ended I was about to commit to theUniversity of Colorado but my degree didn’t process on time. So they pulled myscholarship,” said Wyatt. But things didn’t end there. In 2017, Wyatt tore hislabrum in his shoulder and missed the remainder of the season due to surgery.

The entire process showed how dedicated Wyatt was tocontinue playing. Wyatt ultimately saw himself playing at Limestone College tofinish off his collegiate career. Wyatt said, “I felt this would be the rightplace for me to get to where I needed to be as a pipeline. I took my visit andthe rest was history. I made the right decision.”

For a majority of athletes it’s hard to adjust fromtransferring. Especially if you transfer from a D1 program to a D2 program. Obstaclespresent themselves in weird ways but overcoming them is what morphs us into thepeople we are today. I was curious as to what obstacles Wyatt faced followingthe transfer from Troy University to Limestone College.

“The biggest obstacle I encountered was that we didn’t win a single game. I have been a winner all my life in every sport and this was hard. Even in hard times I still found a positive in every situation and that’s what kept me going,” Wyatt explained. Many can relate to a situation much like this one regardless of what sport you played and at what level it was played at.

In 2018, Wyatt saw a majority of his time playing theNickel position. His final career stats were impressive with 50 tackles, eightquarterback hurries, five quarterback hits, three sacks, one interception, onetouchdown, and one pass breakup.

Wyatt is also very athletic and it was proven on thefield that he had played multiple sports growing up. Wyatt said, “I used toplay baseball, basketball and football all at the same time. I stopped playingbaseball because I grew out of it. I wasn’t tall enough for basketball andfootball was really my true love. It was another way I could express myself andhave fun.”

Everyone finds there passion early and for Wyatt itall began at 5-years-old. Wyatt said, “I played a lot of Madden growing up andwatched a lot of football and I wanted to do what I did on the video game inreal life.”

Wyatt switched positions between the 2016/17 seasons fromreceiver to safety. Wyatt explained which former/current NFL players he wouldwatch the most to learn new moves or styles.

“I used to play running back when I was little and Iused to love LaDainian Tomlinson and Reggie Bush. Defensively, I still playedsafety. I enjoyed watching Brian Dawkins and Sean Taylor,” said Wyatt. Bothsets of athletes were both highly respected amongst peers after highly dominantcareers in the NFL.

Everything in life happens for a reason. For Wyatt, none of the obstacles stopped him from following his dreams. Wyatt said, “I’ve always wanted to play professional football since I was little and that’s all I wanted to do. It’s all I ever talked about and nobody could tell me otherwise.”

The NFL Draft is coming up quicker than many believe.With the event happening just months away, Wyatt will continue to participatein combines and pro-days to showcase his skills to NFL/CFL scouts.

Wyatt has a true knack for finding and locating the ball because of his offensive experience. His mobility is impressive especially with his footwork. His career highlight tape showcases all of his ability, all of which are quite impressive.

Click the link to watch Justin Wyatt’s highlight tape!

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