Undrafted Free Agent, DB, Corey Felton

Former Virginia-Lynchburg athlete and current undrafted free agent continue to fight for a shot to prove himself in the NFL.

Corey Felton was a 2016 NFL Draft prospect who played college football at the University of Virginia-Lynchburg. Felton was an incredible athlete with excellent ball skills and athleticism.

Currently Felton is preparing to compete for a roster spot on an NFL team willing to give the defensive back an opportunity.

I asked Felton what his current goals are as he prepares and he said, “I want to build my strength, ability, and speed this off-season. I think working on my defensive back techniques like foot and hand placement, and hip turning will make me better in those areas. Also work on staying sharp in my wide receiver route running.”

After being a college athlete with experience playing numerous positions including wide receiver, defensive back, kick and punt return. I asked Felton to reflect on which player he decided to mold his game after.

Felton said, “no disrespect to any former football player or athlete but besides looking at Deion Sanders and studying his moves, I molded myself into my own. I figured that if studying all the greats and working hard on my craft that I would turn out to be a good athlete much like I am today.”

Many collegiate athletes grew up playing more than one sport and for Felton that included track & field, basketball and of course football. Playing multiple sports at a young age provides more variability including speed and endurance along with reducing risk of injury due from overuse within a particular sport.

I asked Felton about choosing football over other sports and he said, “the sport gives me opportunities to show my versatility playing both offense and defense as well as special teams. I mean I’m fast, quick, and really strong. Besides football is a sport where size doesn’t matter but the heart does.”

I finalized the interview by asking Felton to explain his backup plan. I asked Felton if playing professionally was always the main dream or if there was a different career in mind.

Felton said, “besides wanting to be a business man I always played sports growing up but football was the sport I had passion for since I was a kid. I felt like I could play professionally. I have relatives currently and previously in the NFL like Pernell McPhee, Janoris Jenkins, Damien Berry, Antone Smith, etc. Just to name a few and I played with these gentlemen growing up so I have confidence that I could play at a professional level.”  

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