Clippers look to stay hot against Spurs

The Los Angeles Clippers walked away with back-to-back victories against two of the best teams in the NBA. But will quickly shift their focus towards a more familiar foe as they take on the San Antonio Spurs.

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Clippers 126 times in 166all-time games in the regular season. However, the Clippers have recently closed thegap as Los Angeles have won seven of the past 12 matchups and are currently 4-1in the last five games.

While the San Antonio Spurs arrive with a 7-6 record after falling short against the Phoenix Suns 116-96 on Wednesday.

The Clippers have been recovering for the past three days after back-to-back overtime victories against two teams that are highly believed to be contenders. On Monday, the Clippers blew a late fourth-quarter lead to the Warriors, fell behind in overtime and yet still came away victorious  when Lou Williams scored the team’s last 10 points.

On the other hand, the Spurs need to focus heavily on a Clippers team that utilize a lot of bench players. The Clippers used three starters and two utility players in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter and into overtime.

The Spurs need to focus on building momentum with Rudy Gayand Derrick White returning from injuries. Rudy Gay experienced a sore heel andmissed the previous three games, and White missed nine games at the start ofthe season with a torn plantar fascia.

After the Spurs have lost four of their previous five games. The Spurs have lost against the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat before beating the Houston Rockets 96-89, before losing another two straight against the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns.

The Clippers currently have all five starters averaging double digits in regards to scoring. Nonetheless, defense will be a huge emphasis tonight for San Antonio.

Prediction: Spurs 104 – Clippers 110

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