Can the Giants Play Spoiler Against the Dodgers?

The Dodgers have a tough final series ahead of them.

As the Dodgers head to San Francisco, the team hopes to solidify a spot for the postseason.

However, the Giants have other plans. The Giants are looking to walk away with not only a series win but are also looking to stop the Dodgers from making the playoffs.

The Dodgers are currently 88-71 in the season, which currently places them a game behind the NL West leader, the Colorado Rockies.

Both teams possess similar records on the road and at home.

The Dodgers have played baseball well on the road with a 44-34 record this season. The Giants, on the other hand, has defended AT&T Park pretty well with a 42-36 record this season.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

Kershaw Dodgers.jpg
On the mound for LA is the left-handed ace, Clayton Kershaw.

In this season, Kershaw has posted a 9-5 record alongside a 2.53 ERA for the Dodgers.


Throughout the season, Kershaw has successfully pitched 156.1 innings and during those innings, he was able to strike out 151 total batters.

Kenley Jansen has been a dominant force within the Dodgers bullpen this season with 39 saves alongside a 2.87 ERA. Throughout his appearances in games, Jansen has successfully recorded 79 strikeouts this season.

Offensively, first baseman Max Muncy and left-fielder Matt Kemp currently lead the Dodgers in three batting categories.

Muncy leads the Dodgers in the home run category with 33 this season. Throughout this season, Muncy has also maintained a .259 batting average and recorded a total of 73 RBIs.

Kemp, on the other hand, leads the Dodgers in both the batting average and RBI category. Kemp has maintained a .286 batting average alongside 82 RBIs which also leads the Dodgers.

San Francisco Giants:

Rodriguez MLB.jpg
On the mound for the Giants is right-handed pitcher Dereck Rodriguez.

Rodriguez poises a slightly lower ERA than opponent Kershaw this season.

For the Giants, Rodriguez has posted a 6-4 record alongside a 2.50 ERA. Alongside his record and ERA, Rodriguez has pitched 115.1 innings where he was also able to strike out a total of 88 batters this season.

Offensively, both Evan Longoria and Brandon Crawford lead the San Francisco Giants in all of the three batting categories.

Longoria currently leads the Giants with 54 RBIs and 16 HRs this season. Alongside his HR and RBI totals, Longoria has also maintained a .245 batting average.

Crawford, on the other hand, is the sole leader for the Giants with a .255 batting average. Although his average leads the team, Crawford has also recorded 14 HRs and 54 RBIs for the Giants.

Prediction: Giants 7 – Dodgers 4

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