Matchup Breakdown: Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athletics

On Tuesday night the Oakland Athletics host the Los Angeles Angels. First pitch is slated to start at 10:05 which will also kick off a three-game series between the two teams.
Currently, the Athletics are 90-60 while defending home turf with a 46-29 record at the Oakland Coliseum.

The Athletics are currently in the final wild-card spot as they are 1.5 games behind the New York Yankees. However, the Athletics have been dominant on both sides of the ball since the all-star break which ultimately brought them 4.5 games behind the AL West-leading Houston Astros.

The Angels, on the other hand, are a different story this season. The Angels have a 74-76 record this season while riding a 37-38 road record.

The Angels are 6-4 within their last 10 games while the Athletics are 7-3 in the same span but are riding a two-game losing streak.

Oakland Athletics:

Liam Hendriks MLB.jpg
Taking the mound for the Athletics is right-handed pitcher Liam Hendriks.

Hendricks has pitched just 17.2 innings for the Athletics this season while managing just one loss on the season. However, through those 17.2 innings, Hendricks has a 5.60 ERA with 17 successful strikeouts.

Although Hendriks is a starting pitcher for the Athletics, the team has not gotten more than an inning from the young man. The Athletics are going to need strong performances from within the bullpen and two relieve pitcher stand out.

Both Fernando Rodney and Blake Treinen have both had impressive seasons for the Athletics. Treinen currently holds a .85 ERA alongside 37 saves and 94 strikeouts this season. While Rodney has compiled 25 saves this side with a 3.15 ERA and 67 strikeouts.
On the offensive side of things, both Khris Davis and Mark Chapman both need to continue their dominance at the plate.

Davis is currently batting .249 but leads the league with 43 HRs and trails only JD Martinez with 115 RBIs this season. Alongside Davis is third baseman Matt Chapman, who currently leads the Athletics with a .282 batting average. Chapman has also shown his aggressiveness at the plate with 23 home runs and 64 RBIs.

Los Angeles Angels:

Tyler Skaggs
For the Angels, left-handed pitcher Tyler Skaggs will be taking the mound.

Skaggs currently holds an 8-8 record for LA while maintaining a 3.78 ERA. Alongside the ERA, Skaggs has successfully pitched 116.2 innings while striking out 123 batters this season. Skaggs has been very aggressive at the plate as he has given up just 12 home runs this season.

Not only have the Angels had a successful pitching staff throughout the season, the team also possess two of the most powerful outfielders in the league with Justin Upton and Mike Trout.

Trout currently leads the club in both batting average and home runs this season. But as everyone knows, Trout has been a consistent force at the plate. This season, Trout rides a .318 batting average while managing to blast 34 home runs and successfully bat in 70 runs.

However, in the RBI category, the Angels have a different leader in left-fielder Justin Upton. Upton currently has 84 RBIs tied to his name along with 30 home runs in season. Upton has shown himself at the plate just like Mike Trout has this season and it has led Upton to a .263 batting average.

Prediction: Angels 4 – Athletics 2

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