Sunday Night Football Match-Up Breakdown: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Tonight we are able to witness the first Sunday night football matchup of the season as the Green Bay Packers host a familiar NFC team, the Chicago Bears.

Against the Bears, the Green Bay Packers has a 96-94-6 record since 1921. In 2015, the Bears were able to beat the Packers 17-13. That victory was just the second victory the Bears had over the Packers since 2010.

Aaron Rodgers is back for Green Bay this season after suffering a broken collarbone during the 2017 season and the Bears recently acquired defensive star Khalil Mack via trade with the Raiders.

Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Rodgers Packers.jpg
Offensively, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to be a lot of fun to watch tonight. Rodgers has won 15 of his 19 matchups against the Bears and while completing 409 passes for 4,596 yards and 42 touchdowns along with just nine interceptions. However, within his last seven games against the Bears, Rodgers has thrown for 22 touchdowns and just one interception.


This season could look a bit different offensively for the Packers after Jordy Nelson signed with the Raiders in free agency and then they signed tight-end Jimmy Graham. Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in the league and with his experience and talent, the Packers should continue to show dominance within the series.

Defensively, Mo Wilkerson should be an exciting player to watch for the Packers tonight. Wilkerson recently played with the New York Jets before signing with the Packers in free agency. His incredible strength makes him a dominant player against the run. Wilkerson has incredible speed and size which allows him to quickly shed blocks to make plays. He also has excellent hands and burst speed but lacks in initial quickness.

Tonight’s dark horse will be newly acquired tight-end Jimmy Graham. Graham was a former basketball player turned tight-end who has spent his career with the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks. Through his career, Graham has recorded 556 yards for 6,800 yards and 69 touchdowns. Last season with the Seahawks, Graham hauled in 10 touchdowns which lead all tight ends in the league.

Chicago Bears:

Jordan Howard Bears.jpg
Offensively, Jordan Howard could be a legit factor on the way the Bears perform tonight. Howard has proven his ability to compete alongside some of the best running backs in the league. Last season, Howard ran for 1,124 yards and was third in the NFL with nine rushing touchdowns. Howard has impressive lateral speed and continues to fight for extra yardage during every play. However, Howard will be paired with fellow teammate Tarik Cohen in the backfield. Having Cohen alongside him will benefit how Howard performs tonight as it can open up more opportunity on offense.

Defensively, newly acquired linebacker Khalil Mack could have a field day against the Packers. Mack has excellent vision and can quickly locate the ball. Mack has the ability to control his body and his rarely thrown to the ground. Mack is very aggressive and causes chaos in the backfield while also being able to dislodge the ball on numerous occasions. Mack can also drop into zone coverage while still being able to make plays in the flat. He has an excellent mix of strength and speed. Through his career with the Raiders, Mack has recorded 304 tackles, 40.5 sacks, nine forced fumbles, and one defensive touchdown.



Tonight’s dark horse will be second-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky. During his rookie season, Trubisky completed 59.4% of his passes for 2,193 yards along with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. His mobility in the pocket is impressive and he has the ability to slide around and scan the field before carrying the ball himself. His passes are both crisp and efficient. Trubisky has the speed and quickness to avoid pressure from a blitz. Trubisky should be able to not only have a good game tonight for the Bears but an overall impressive season for Chicago.

Predictions: Packers 35 – Chicago 24

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