Edmonton Eskimos Receiver Bryant Mitchell

Bryant Mitchell is currently a wide receiver in the Canadian Football League (CFL) as a member of the Edmonton Eskimos.

Mitchell grew up in San Diego, California and attended Mt. Miguel High School. During high school, Mitchell was a two year letter winner in football and basketball, and one year in track.

Mitchell qualified for the states in high jump and took eighth place and also holds school records in high jump, receptions in a game, and yards in a game.
After high school, Mitchell continued his collegiate career at Southwestern College. While at Southwestern, Mitchell played both football and track. Mitchell helped the team to a 10-1 record, conference championship and an American Bowl Championship record.

Mitchell decided to transfer to Northwestern State University for his final two years of eligibility. During his two seasons at Northwestern State, Mitchell caught 53 passes for 564 yards and five touchdowns.

Bryant in game.jpg
Mitchell was given the opportunity in 2015 to participate in the Edmonton Eskimos camp and I asked him what that experience was like and he said, “It was great, I was able to learn a lot about myself. I wasn’t quite mentally ready for what it took to be a professional athlete and I had to learn what it was like to be cut and be so hungry that you work that much harder for what you want. It was a great experience overall.”

Three years later and Mitchell is seeing an increasing amount of playing time, especially after having a career year in 2017. Within his three year career, Mitchell played in just 10 games but caught 39 receptions for 569 yards and three touchdowns. 90% of those number came in 2017 when Mitchell played in seven game and caught 32 passes for 482 yards and three touchdowns.
I asked Mitchell what his biggest takeaway was from the 2017 season and he said, “the biggest takeaway was learning to be a pro. Learning small details in the game that made me better. Learning how I could be better than my opponent by simply doing the little things and being disciplined. I also learned a great deal of patience since I had to wait my turn to play. Which came dur to guys getting injured.”

Mitchell and kids.jpg
I then got curious as to why Mitchell decided to continue playing football even with all the concerns beginning to rise in question about safety.
I asked Mitchell what happened in his life that made him realize that football could be a career and he said, “for me football was a release from the stresses of the world. I loved being able to go and take my frustrations out on my opponents in a controlled way. I realized this was for me when I failed and cried. I cried all night because I wanted to be great that bad. That there showed me that I could be successful at this if I kept working.”

While Mitchell lives in Edmonton during the CFL season, his kids live in the states. I asked Mitchell what he did with his children during the offseason and he said, “In the offseason I love to just play and be active with them. Play sports, go hangout at the park, watch movies, wrestle, etc. anything active you can think of we probably do it. They are my world. My three reasons why!”

Mitchell Kids.jpg
Mitchell had the drive to be successful in the CFL and with continued success with the Eskimos, Mitchell should quickly see himself back in the states as a member of the NFL. The speed and athletic ability this young man possess is a gift and being able to unleash and wind down with his kids is an excellent way of not only keeping himself healthy but his kids as well. Watch out for this young man for the remainder of the CFL season, when given the opportunity this man clearly impresses!

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