Saskatchewan Roughriders Kyran Moore

Kyran Moore grew up in Bessemer, Alabama and attended McAdory High School. While in high school, Moore intercepted the ball six times and returned one for a touchdown, rushed for more than 400 yards and eight touchdowns while also passing the ball for more than 800 yards.
After high school, Moore attended Austin Peay State University and saw immediate playing time as a freshman as he finished with two fumble recoveries and 17 tackles (13 within the last three games).
Although spending his first two seasons as a defensive back in college, Moore quickly saw himself playing an offensive role as a wide receiver. During the last two years of his career, Moore logged four touchdowns on 347 yards rushing the ball and 918 receiving yards along with five touchdowns. Moore also saw time on special teams as a return man for Austin Peay. Moore had 1,334 yards with two touchdowns during kick returns and 131 yards on punt returns.

Kyran Moore
Although going undrafted after the 2017 season, Moore quickly saw himself become a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL.
I asked Moore about his experience with the Roughriders and he said, “the experience has been amazing man a very humbling experience but it’s been great so far really opened my eyes to a lot. I learned so much since I’ve been here.”
Moore has proven himself in college as a dynamic receiver and when given his opportunity whether it be in the CFL or NFL I believe Moore will be an outstanding receiver. Moore has the speed and catch radius to be an effective piece of the puzzle for any team within either league.
Since the CFL season just started, Moore saw playing time during the pre-season but is now a member of the practice roster. I asked Moore what his biggest takeaway was from training camp and he said, “my biggest takeaway is actually how to be a pro, from learning how to treat my body to taking notes on film and actually being a student of the game.”

Roughriders Kyran Moore
Studying film and trying to be the absolute best athlete Moore can become would ultimately conquer the goal he has created for himself after college. Moore said, “my biggest goal is to learn as much as I can while I’m in the CFL and hopefully get to the NFL soon.”
Now leaving in Saskatchewan, I was curious as to what Moore did during his free time when he was practicing and he said, “ Go out and eat downtown. The restaurant is called Memories and I tried Calamari for the first time and I loved it.”
Growing up as a football player I was curious as to what football player Moore looked up to growing up and he said, “Growing up I really didn’t look up to any football player I just liked watching football but if I have to say somebody It’ll have to be running back LaDainian Tomlinson for the Chargers. Only because I was a San Diego fan and loved the way he ran the ball.”
Moore has an amazing grasp for the game of football and should definitely see an increase in playing time and within the next couple of years should see himself get a chance within the NFL.

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  1. We are so proud of Kyran’s accomplishments and have faith that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to bless our son as well as Kyran’s sister Nijah and brother Roderick Moore. Kyran continue to live life son love your parents.

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