NFL Free Agent Rookie Malik Boynton

Malik Boynton grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Melvindale High School. In high school, Boynton caught 65 passes on offense for 1,187 yards. On defense, Boynton was credited with 55 tackles, three fumbles and four interceptions.
Boynton attended Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. While at Austin Peay, Boynton credited 158 tackles (101 solo, 57 assisted), 4.5 TFL, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and one interception. Boynton also returned 16 kicks for 359 yards and had 25 receptions for 208 yards and a touchdown.
Boynton went undrafted but was able to participate as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie camp. I asked Boynton about his experience and he said, “My experience in Pittsburgh was wonderful. I was surrounded by great coaches, competitors, fans and staff. They did a great job welcoming me to the city of Pittsburgh.”
Boynton had proven to be a dual threat athlete in high school and during his freshman year before transitioning to strictly defensive roles. If given the opportunity Boynton would shine under the line, he has the skills and determination to excel no matter what somebody throws his direction.
I asked Boynton what his biggest takeaway was from camp and he said, “my biggest takeaway from camp would have to be taking care of my body. At rookie camp, we did two a days so it was crucial to actively recover on my down time by stretching, using the hot tub, and getting to know the trainers.”

Boynton .jpg
I have watched videos of Boynton training at Lawrence Tech University and his skills are impressive as they should for being an NFL rookie. Boynton has the hip mobility to make quick turns look easy. His athletic ability shines as he works on route coverage, being able to read the next moves before they even take place is incredible.
I asked Boynton what his biggest goal was heading into the NFL from Austin Peay State and he said, “my biggest goal coming out of Austin Peay State University was to help turn the program around first and foremost. My individual goal was to be on an NFL roster when it was all said and done.”
Although Boynton only had the opportunity to spend this offseason as a member of the Steelers organization, I truly believe that with his talent he will be on an NFL roster come August.

Boynton Tackle.jpg
Moving from Detroit to Pittsburgh, Boynton had to venture outside of practices and training to get a better understanding of the city. I asked Boynton what he liked to do in Pittsburgh during his down time and he said, “my favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh was to walk outside the hotel and just take in the wonderful atmosphere of the great city. We stayed in a hotel where you were on top of a mountain that gave you a view of the entire city and it was something I’d never experienced before. I really enjoyed it.”
In 2010, Boynton life changed, his mother had passed away from breast cancer while he was in high school. I asked Boynton if he would like to add a special message toward her and he said, “She is my backbone… everything I do is for her. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” Everything Boynton has done within the last couple years has been because of what his parents taught him.

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