Seattle Seahawks Eddy Wilson

Eddy Wilson grew up in Pontiac, Michigan and attended West Bloomfield High School before playing college football at Purdue.



As a senior in high school, Wilson recorded 52 tackles and 13 sacks. Originally Wilson planned on attended Bowling Green State University before switching his commitment to Purdue.



As a true freshman in 2015, Wilson recorded 10 tackles in nine games at Purdue. As a sophomore, Wilson recorded 36 tackles (6 for a loss) and 2.5 sacks. With his performance in 2017 as a junior, Wilson declared for the 2018 NFL Draft. Although going undrafted, Wilson signed with the Seattle Seahawks on May 4th.



I asked Wilson about his experience at rookie camp and he said, “rookie camp was exciting. It was my first time in Washington so the area was really different for me. Football wise, I really enjoyed it. From the great coaching to being out on the field doing actual football drills, it was a great opportunity.”


Usually players take a lot away from experiences at camp. Being able to learn and remember those key components really helps drive a player to succeed. The coaching staff at Seattle is a big part of the success the defense has seen for the past couple seasons. I asked Wilson what his takeaways were and he said, “being dependable when called on. The biggest thing I can give to this team is dependability which includes great effort, knowledge of the playbook, proper alignment, phenomenal technique and things of that nature. Thats why my main focus is now. Becoming that dependable player.”



Growing up I was taught to make goals whether they be short term or long term. Making goals often helps drive a player to succeed as they strive to meet those goals during their careers. I asked Wilson what his goals are as a member of the Seahawks and he said, “one of my biggest goals is probably the pro bowl. One day I WILL be a pro bowler and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t just play football because of where it can take me or what it can do for me. I play because I want to master the art of playing defensive tackle. It’s a position that matches my personality perfectly and I told myself at a young age I want to be the best at it.”



People tend to understand the what or how of playing football or any sport after a certain age but understanding why someone plays the sport or does a certain thing is a different story. Why Wilson plays football is because it gives him a purpose to master the technique and craft of his position.

Wilson in Action.JPG

Wilson grew up very close to my area and I am familiar with his style of play having heard about him in both high school and college. Hearing that he signed with the Seahawks was fantastic news but I was curious as to what he did outside of the facility in his down time. He said, “in Seattle, I don’t really have a lot of free time. I watch a lot of film but if I’m not watching film, I’m probably playing Fortnite.”



Wilson has grow to become a close friend of mine over the past couple months. Wilson has the mind set to be a dominant player in the league within the next couple of seasons with the right coaching staff. His ability to get free and make tackles helps set him apart from those around him. Whether it be against the run or against the pass, Wilson will find a way to make a play and ultimately succeed in the league.

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