Mahoning Valley Scrappers Hosea Nelson

Hosea Nelson grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Clarendon College after a stint with Wabash Valley Community College. While at Clarendon, Nelson was named National Player of the Week in 2016. During week 4 of the season, Nelson had a .647 batting average, hit five home runs, two doubles, 17 RBIs, 11 runs scored and four stolen bases in just four games.

Hosea Nelson.jpg
Being from Detroit, you would assume that Nelson is a Tigers fan but that would not be the case because this young man grew up as a Yankees fan.

Nelson was drafted in 2016 by the Cleveland Indians in the ninth round of the draft. Nelson had the intentions to always play professionally but this wouldn’t be his first time getting a chance to play at Progressive Field.

Nelson played at Progressive Field when he was young as a part of an RBI Tournament. However, this RBI stands for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, this tournament was a regional tournament and asked for you to win four games in order to advance to the finals. Nelson’s team in fact won those four game and went on to win the championship in 2013. With that championship win at progressive field, Nelson and his team were qualified to compete at the RBI World Series in Minnesota.

Outfielder Nelson.jpg
I also grew up playing baseball in the Metro Detroit area and felt the need to ask Nelson what the hardest transition was for him as transitioned from high school to college baseball. Nelson said, “the hardest part about transitioning from high school to college was slowing the pace of the practices down they were very detailed and everything was rapid fire so just learning how to stay in control was a big adjustment.”

Nelson is currently a member of Mahoney Valley Scrappers baseball team, a Class A Short Season in the New York-Penn League. Prior to this experience with the Valley Scrappers, Nelson was a member of the Arizona League Indians in 2016. During his stint in the Arizona League, Nelson played in 30 games, finishing with a .222 average, two home runs, 11 RBIs, 13 stolen bases and four doubles.



As of right now Nelson has spent the past two seasons as a member of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. I asked Nelson about his experience the past two seasons with the team and he said, “the last two seasons have been similar but vastly different as well. I’d say this year the velocity is down from the opposing teams in the penn league and our velocity on the Scrappers is a lot higher, all in all though I think the biggest takeaway is just comparing myself last year to this year is a big night and day difference and I couldn’t be more proud of the progress that I’ve made.”

Though his three year career playing at the minor league level, Nelson has a .239 batting average, 27 RBIs, four home runs, four triples, 16 doubles, and 22 stolen bases during his career.

Everyone creates goals in life whether they be short term or long term. In the case for Nelson it would be a long term goal as he looks to improve his game for a shot in the MLB. I asked Nelson what exactly his goal was and he said, “My goals are to continue to improve my barrel accuracy which will also cut down my swing and miss rates, Basically just continue to be as consistent as I possibly can.”

Finally, I knew growing up that my favorite player was Justin Verlander so I was curious as to who Nelson admired growing up. Nelson said, “ Ken Griffey Jr. definitely just watching him play like he didn’t have a car in the world is something I’ve always wanted to model my style of play after.”

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