Billings Mustang Outfielder Reshard Munroe

Reshard Munroe graduated from Sunland Baptist Academy in Grand Bahamas at 18 years old.



Munroe first found himself playing baseball at six years old as a member of the Grand Bahama Youth Little League until his 12th birthday. At 13 years old, Munroe joined the Grand Bahama Amateur Baseball League (GBABA). During his stint as a member of the GBABA, Munroe saw much of his playing time as a centre fielder or as a left-handed pitcher.



Munroe represent the Bahamas on the Caribbean Zone Championship in 2010, 2012, and 2013.



Munroe started his playing minor league baseball at 19 years old as a member of the Dominican Summer League Reds. I asked Munroe what the hardest transition was going straight into minor league baseball from high school and he said, “I love baseball, from the time I knew that it existed on a professional level, it was my dream of playing professionally. It has been a dream come true to be able to play professional baseball in the minor leagues. Baseball has seemed to always be second nature to me considering, that I’ve been played since I was four years old. Nothing about the transition was hard for me. Baseball has only gotten better since the transition from high school.”


During his stint with the DSL Reds in 2015, Munroe had a .249 batting average, two home runs, 20 RBIs, two doubles, six triples, and 14 strike outs.



After his stint with the DSL Reds, Munroe went on to spend the next two seasons as a member of the Arizona League Reds for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. I asked Munroe what the hardest transition was growing up in the Bahamas and then moving to the United States and he said, “Honestly, the transition hasn’t been hard at all for me. I attended American Senior High School in Miami, Florida for a portion of my senior year of high school. Along with that, I have family in Florida that my family and I visit often while I was growing up so the transition hasn’t been that big of a transition. I could say the hardest part has been living away from my family and siblings for most of the year. But theres always off season, I go home and spend much needed quality time with my family during the off season.”



In 2016, Munroe played in 21 games finishing with a .157 batting average, three triples, five RBIs and seven stolen bases on the season. In 2017, Munroe finished with a .290 batting average, five doubles, one triple, three home runs, 15 RBIs and six stolen bases.



In 2018, Munroe was given the opportunity to play at the minor league level as a member of the Dayton Dragons a member of the Midwest League. Although spending one team with the team before going down to the Billings Mustangs, Munroe finished with a .500 batting average, and two stolen bases. Now a member o the Pioneer League, Munroe has played in 23 games as a member of the Mustangs. This season, Munroe has a .329 average, five doubles, three home runs, 12 RBIs and six stolen bases.


I asked Munroe what the experience was like as a member of the Mustangs and he said, “So far, the experience has been beyond great. I played in the Arizona League for the past two years. It’s always great to get a promotion. A new environment has been great. Arizona is pretty hot at this time so I’m enjoying the weather here in Billings. I am also having a great time on the field with my teammates. So generally, the experience having spent this season here in Billings has been great.”



Goals are huge part of everybody lives and asked Munroe what his goals are as he looks to move forward professionally and he said, “I have many goals. Ultimately, my goal is to greater myself I this game that I love and to make it to the Major Leagues.”



I have always looked up to Justin Verlander growing up and I was curious as to what player Munroe looked up to growing up and when I asked, he said, “I began baseball at the age of 4, I honestly never knew that baseball on a professional level existed until about the age of 14. Growing up my mom played softball, I admired her and how well she played. So besides admiring my mother and how well she played, I never admired any baseball player.”



Looking back at video of Munroe playing as a member of the Reds affiliates, Munroe has proven to be a talented centerfielder with speed to make spectacular catches but his batting has proven to be a viable aspect of his game which continues to improve each and every season. Munroe has excelled at being an aggressive baserunner as he often fights for extra bases.

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