Former New Orleans Saint turned Free Agent: Zedekiah Brown

Zedekiah Brown was formerly a defensive back for the University of West Georgia but has been granted an opportunity to continue his football career in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints.

Brown grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia and attended Central Gwinnett Hight School prior to UWG.

During his time at UWG, Brown totaled 184 tackles (101 solo and 83 assisted), 12 pass deflections, 2.5 sacks, 6 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles. Three of those six interceptions, Brown was able to return for a touchdown.

Although I haven’t know Zedekiah Brown it’s hard not to notice the talent this young man possesses on the field and he has proven that his skill set and dedication can set him apart from other young defensive backs in the league. Brown has the persistence and knowledge to really thrive in the league and I believe he is just getting started in the NFL. Big things are ahead for this young man.

I asked Brown what his biggest goal was as he went from West Georgia to the NFL and he said, “biggest goal was being able to transition from playing only the nickel safety position in college to learning free or strong safety and be able to play it at a high level.”


The NFL has many opportunities for a young man with the level of skill that Brown possesses. Even if the opportunity doesn’t present itself within the NFL, the chances for Brown to continue his football career can present itself north in the CFL.

Because Brown took part in the Saints minicamp, I asked him about that experience and he said, “going to New Orleans rookie minicamp was a great learning experience for me. I was very appreciative of the opportunity to come in and compete against other talented players. Even though my time there was limited, I was able to pick up different technique and learn more about the game from the coaches and other players apart of the franchise.”


Players learn a lot in just the short duration that the minicamp offers as they get a real chance to understand the tempo of the game and the dynamics in which coaches expect at the highest level possible.

With that being said, I asked Brown what his biggest take away was as he moved forward toward training camp? He replied saying his, “main takeaway was always be ready, never know when your chance will come. Since coming back from New Orleans, I consistently workout and care for my body so I’ll be ready whenever an opportunity presents itself.”

During his time in New Orleans, Brown has a lot of down time after practice, workouts, and team meetings. New Orleans is a beautiful city with terrific people and some delicious food destinations.

I asked Brown, what he enjoyed doing at in his down time when he is not at the field and he said, “Favorite thing to do was rest and study my playbook more. The more I was in the playbook the better I am understanding what I would have in practice the following day.”


Although Brown is no longer a part of the Saints organization, his passion for the sport will help guide him. This is not the last you will hear of Zedekiah Brown as I expect him to be apart of an NFL squad in the near future.

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