Thompson drops 35, Warriors force Game 7 against Rockets in West

Klay Thompson lead the way for the Golden State Warriors as he had 35 points on 13-for-23 from the field and 9-for-14 from beyond the arc and Steph Curry chipped in 29 points on 12-for-23 from the field and went 5-for-14 from beyond the arc to help lead the Golden State Warriors (58-24) over the Houston Rockets (65-17), 86-115, to even the series at three games apiece and force game 7. Klay Thompson.jpg
Thompson and Curry had some much needed help by Kevin Durant. Durant recorded 23 points on shooting 6-for-17 from the field and was unfortunately 1-for-5 from beyond the arc but was able to record seven rebounds and four assists. Draymond Green scored less than five points but had 10 rebounds and 9 assists in the win.
The Rockets were led by guard James Harden, Harden scored 32 points in 40 minutes on 10-for-24 shooting from the field and was 4-for-12 from beyond the arc while also recording seven rebounds and nine assists in the heartbreaking loss. Gme 6 Warriors.jpg
The Golden State Warriors outshot the Houston Rockets both from the field and from three during the game. From the field the Warriors shot 49.4% as they made 43 of their 87 attempts while the Rockets shot 40.3% as they made 31 of their 77 attempts. The Warriors also shot 42.1% from three madding 16 of their 38 tries and the Rockets shot 38.5% while they made 15 of their 39 attempts. Another key difference this game was that the Rockets tallied 21 turnovers while the Warriors only had 12.

Monday, May 28th
Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets at 9:00 PM on TNT

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