AFC North: Draft Grade and Analysis

Today we will cover the AFC North which means we only have two divisions left of these articles before I go back to writing recaps. The AFC North consists of the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers. I have traveled to both Cleveland and Cincinnati within the last two seasons to watch the Browns and Bengals.

Cleveland Browns

1. Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma with the 1st pick
1. Denzel Wad, Cornerback, Ohio State with the 4th overall pick
2. Austin Corbett, Offensive Guard, Nevada with the 33rd pick
2. Nick Chubb, Running Back, Georgia with the 35th pick
3. Chad Thomas, Defensive End, Miami with the 67th pick
4. Antonio Callaway, Wide Receiver, Florida with the 105th pick
5. Genard Avery, Linebacker, Memphis with the 150th pick
6. Damion Ratley, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M with the 175th pick
6. Simeon Thomas, Safety, Louisiana-Lafayette with the 188th pick

Draft Analysis:

I was really surprised that the Browns drafted Mayfield over Darnold but I love the competitiveness and drive Mayfield possesses. Callaway had some off field issues but could have a Tyreek Hill like role for the Browns this season. Corbett has the skillset to make an immediate impact on the offensive line while Nick Chubb allows for a running back battle this offseason. Genard Avery will be an outstanding rusher from the inside linebacker position as well. Overall, I was pleased with the updated roster the Browns now possess.

Grade: B-

Cincinnati Bengals

1. Billy Price, Center, Ohio State with the 21st pick
2. Jessie Bates, Safety, Wake Forest with the 54th pick
3. Sam Hubbard, Defensive End, Ohio State with 77th pick
3. Malik Jefferson, Linebacker, Texas with the 78th pick
4. Mark Walton, Running Back, Miami with the 112th pick
5. Davontae Harris, Cornerback, Illinois State with the 151st pick
5. Andre Brown, Defensive Tackle, Virginia with the 158th pick
5. Darius Phillips, Cornerback, Western Michigan with the 170th pick
7. Logan Woodside, Quarterback, Toledo with the 249th pick
7. Rod Taylor, Offensive Guard, Ole Miss with the 252nd pick
7. Auden Tate, Wide Receiver, Florida State with the 253rd pick

Draft Analysis:

Cordy Glenn with include a massive improvement to the left side of the offensive line. Bates and Hubbard could make huge impacts early in their careers for the Bengals. Draft Price also helps solidify the offensive line that has had recent problems protecting the quarterback. Not a huge fan of the Walton pick because the Bengals have both Mixon and Bernard. Either Phillips or Harris will make the team but I am doubtful that both could make it. I really like Woodside, I have seen him play the last two seasons and the young man has a lot of upside.

Grade: B

Billy Price.jpg
Billy Price, Center

Baltimore Ravens

1. Hayden Hurst, Tight End, South Carolina with the 25th pick
1. Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville with the 32nd pick
3. Orlando Brown, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma with the 83rd pick
3. Mark Andrews, Tight End, Oklahoma with the 86th pick
4. Anthony Averett, Cornerback, Alabama with the 118th pick
4. Kenny Young, Linebacker, UCLA with the 122nd pick
4. Jaleel Scott, Wide Receiver, New Mexico State with the 132nd pick
5. Jordan Lasley, Wide Receiver, UCLA with the 162nd pick
6. DeShon Elliott, Safety, Texas with the 190th pick
6. Greg Senat, Offensive Tackle, Wagner with the 212th pick
6. Bradley Bozeman, Center, Alabama with the 215th pick
7. Zach Sieler, Defensive End, Ferris State with the 238th pick

Draft Analysis:

Newsome completed his final NFL Draft for the Baltimore Ravens in style. I was a huge fan of the production the Ravens picked up in both Hurst and Jackson but I didn’t exactly believe Hurst was a first round pick. I would have preferred the Ravens draft a wide receiver before addressing the tight end position twice within the first three rounds. Scott and Lasley will bring depth and competition to the receiver corp this offseason. Senat, Bozeman, and Sieler may not last on the team unless they can really shine.

Grade: B

Hayden Hurst.jpg
Hayden Hurst, Tight End

Pittsburgh Steelers

1. Terrell Edmunds, Safety/Linebacker, Virginia Tech with the 28th pick
2. James Washington, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State with the 60th pick
3. Mason Rudolph, Quarterback, Oklahoma State with the 76th pick
3. Chukwuma Okorafor, Offensive Tackle, Western Michigan with the 92nd pick
5. Marcus Allen, Safety, Penn State with the 148th pick
5.Jaylen Samuels, Tight End/Running Back, NC State with the 165th pick
7. Joshua Frazier, Defensive End, Alabama with the 246th pick

Draft Analysis:

I knew the Steelers were going to address the safety position in the first round but draft Edmunds may have been a stretch. The Steelers will probably ask Edmunds to play as a linebacker on passing downs. Mason Rudolph will hopefully take over for Big Ben sometime soon. Rudolph was an amazing passer this past season and will learn well from his mentor. Samuels can play it all and will be a mismatch player offensively while Frazier will seem most of his success against the run playing at the nose tackle position. Allen will likely play on special teams until the Steelers are comfortable enough to place him in the games.

Grade: C+

Terrell Edmunds
Terrell Edmunds, Safety


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