NFC West: Draft Analysis and Grade

This is the last team of the NFC. I have enjoyed this part of my articles because it allows me to not only voice my opinion about each teams drafts but it lets me grade them with what I believe it accurate. Today we cover the NFC West which includes the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals

1. Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA with the 10th pick
2. Christian Kirk, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M with the 47th pick
3. Mason Cole, Center, Michigan with the 97th pick
4. Chase Edmonds, Running Back, Fordham with the 134th pick
6. Christian Campbell, Defensive Back, Penn State with the 182nd pick
7. Korey Cunningham, Offensive Tackle, Cincinnati with the 254th pick

Draft Analysis:

The Cardinals were able to jump the Dolphins and land their franchise quarterback. I love the addition of Kirk because I believe he will be able to learn wonders from Fitzgerald and will eventually replace him as the No. 1 receiver on the team. Cole will likely be the starting center this season and Edmonds who has outstanding versatility will likely compete for the No. 2 back. I am very pleased with both the Rosen and Kirk pick because it gives the Cardinals long term options offensively.

Grade: B

Cardinals Draft

San Francisco 49ers

1. Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame with the 9th pick
2. Dante Pettis, Wide Receiver, Washington with the 44th pick
3. Fred Warner, Outside Linebacker, BYU with the 70th pick
3. Tarvarious Moore, Safety, Southern Miss with the 95th pick
4. Kentavious Street, Defensive End, NC State with the 128th pick
5. D.J. Reed, Cornerback, Kansas State with the 142nd pick
6. Marcell Harris, Safety, Florida with the 184th pick
7. Jullian Taylor, Defensive Tackle, Temple with the 233rd pick
7. Richie James, Wide Receiver, Middle Tennessee with the 240th pick

Draft Analysis:

McGlinchey fills a major hole with the 49ers trading RT Trent Brown to the Patriots. Pettis will likely be a impressive slot receiver and return man. Warner will be immediately pushed into the hole made by K.J. Wright. Moore has a major skill set as a safety and will fit in well with the 49ers system. I also factored the Jimmy G trade into this draft! Both Street and Harris had injury plagued careers while Reed although listed as a slot corner has true value as a return man.

Grade: A-

49ers draft.jpg
Seattle Seahawks

1. Rashaad Penny, Running Back, San Diego State with the 27th pick
3. Rasheem Green, Defensive End, USC with the 79th pick
4. Will Dissly, Tight End, Washington with the 120th pick
5. Shaquem Griffen, Linebacker, Central Florida with the 141st pick
5. Tre Flowers, Defensive Back, Oklahoma State with the 146th pick
5. Michael Dickson, Punter, Texas with the 149th pick
5. Jamarco Jones, Tackle/Guard, Ohio State with the 168th pick
6. Jacob Martin, Defensive End, Temple with the 186th pick
7. Alex McGough, Quarterback, Florida International with the 220th pick

Draft Analysis:

Huge shock to see the Seahawks address running back before they addressed the offensive line. The offensive line has been very poor the last couple seasons and because of that the Seahawks have not found success like they did when they made it to Super Bowl XLVIII. Russell Wilson has had to do a lot on the ground but rather then using the first round pick I believe they could have drafted Penny in the second round. They also could have addressed the defensive line with the 27th pick as both Landry and Bryan were available. Jones will likely play the guard position. Dissly is a blocking tight end with a lot of potential and Flowers could be a very intriguing option in press situations as well.

Grade: D+

Seattle Pick.jpg
Los Angeles Rams

3. Joseph Noteboom, Offensive Tackle, TCU with the 89th pick
4. Brian Allen, Center, Michigan State with the 111th pick
4. John Franklin-Myers, Defensive End, Stephen F. Austin with the 135th pick
5. Micah Kiser, Inside Linebacker, Virginia with the 147th pick
5. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Outside Linebacker, Oklahoma with the 160th pick
6. John Kelly, Running Back, Tennessee with the 176th pick
6. Jamil Demby, Offensive Guard, Maine with the 192nd pick
6. Sebastian Joseph, Defensive Tackle, Rutgers with the 195th pick
6. Trevon Young, Outside Linebacker, Louisville with the 205th pick
7. Travin Howard, Safety/Linebacker, TCU with the 231st pick
7. Justin Lawler, Outside Linebacker, SMU with the 244th pick

Draft Analysis:

The Rams acquired Brandin Cooks, Aquib Talib, and Marcus Peters for third rounds picks in the 2018 draft. Allen, Noteboom and Demby will likely remain as backups for a duration of their careers unless something changes. With Ogletree’s departure, Micah Kiser should be able to fight for the starting role after having a rather successful college career. Joseph will likely be apart of the rotation with both Suh and Donald starting on defense. Howard will be able to play in the nickel and dime packages as a linebacker.

Grade: B

Rams pick.jpg

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