Raptors look to eliminate prehistoric past with impressive series

Raptors Coach.jpg

Many will find this an awkward comparison but it makes sense if you think about it. If you think about it Dwane Casey is much like Owen who is portrayed by Chris Pratt from the movie Jurassic World. Casey has complete control over the Raptors and it has paid off all season long and when they all come together they often succeed. Especially in the postseason as the Raptors have come together throughout the first two games to ultimately conquer the Wizards and continue to have a impressive start to the postseason. The last couple of years when the Raptor have not been able to succeed in the first round doesn’t do them justice compared to the success they have had throughout the season. As a matter of fact the Raptors were in fact swept by the Washington Wizards in the playoffs three years ago. But after the first two games of the series in the Raptors favor they carry the momentum as the potential final two games are held in Washington at the Verizon Center the first of two games will be taken place on Friday night. In 2015 things looked different because not only were the Wizards the No. 5 seed but they were also led by veteran Paul Pierce and when you fast forward to present day the Wizards are now the No. 8 seed and found much success without superstar John Wall. But rather then being the hunted the Raptors have turned into the hunters as they took a commanding 2-0 series lead for the first time in history. The Raptors exploited the Wizards defense during the first two games in Toronto when they recorded just 7 three pointers and 44 points in the first quarter of Tuesdays 130-119 victory. DeMar DeRozan had a postseason best 37 points on 14-of-23 shooting as Toronto went on to shoot 51.7% from the floor. Although the Wizards have shown signs of hope and that comes from Mike Scott who had 20 points off the bench and was on the floor when the Wizards were starting the comeback attempt.  But now that the Wizards are down two games in the series many believe that Mike Scott should be able to find his way into the starting lineup within the next two games. If Scott finds his way into the lineup the move would allow the Toronto Raptors to continue to dominate inside the paint. The Raptors outrebounded the Wizards 48-34 in Game 2. But if the Wizards want to find success moving forward they will need more offensive help from Bradley Beal who is 11 for 28 in two games. The Wizards home record is not that strong this season after going 23-18 at the Capital One Arena. Raptors.jpg

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