Playoff Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Minnesota Wild

If you travel to Manitoba you can expect lots of white and an enthusiastic crowd. The fans of the Winnipeg Jets have worn the color white during the playoffs for the last 30 years.


Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau.


Since the return of hockey to Winnipeg in 2011, Boudreau is the only coach to experience the atmosphere first hand. Back in 2015, Boudreau coached the Anaheim Ducks who faced the Winnipeg Jets in the first round. In fact, the Ducks went on to defeat the Jets on two occasions in Winnipeg.


Minnesota won’t have a problem with the crowd but rather with what may happen on the ice as the Winnipeg Jets have showed little to no weaknesses throughout the season.



The Winnipeg Jets have little playoff experience and even though they one of the hungriest teams in the league and but the Jets have one of the most enthusiastic fan bases and a young talent roster.



The Winnipeg Jets started off as the Atlanta Thrashers in 1999 and this team has never won a playoff game with this being a chance to change that this series.


Key to a Minnesota Victory:

The Minnesota Wild have been a successful team offensively and have really been dominate on both sides of the ice. If the Wild want to advance they need to continue the dominance and fix the opportunities via power play.


Key to a Jets Victory:

The Jets need to continue the momentum moving forward. They have a young talented team who moves the puck well and has a good defense to back it up.



Jets take Game 1 2-1

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