Preview: Los Angeles Angles vs Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics are set to take on the Los Angeles Angels tonight at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Currently the Angels are 5-2 while the Athletics are 3-5.

Keys to an Angels Victory:

Shohei Ohtani needs to continue to surprise both as a pitcher and now as a batter. Ohtani has been added to tonight’s roster as the DH. Ohtani has been able to hit two straight home runs in the Angels last two games. If Ohtani can continue to have a red hot bat for tonight’s matchup and then dominate on the mound during Sunday’s game than the Angels will walk away with the series win.

Ohtani started last Sunday when the Angels faced the Athletics in Oakland and through 6 innings he allowed 3 hits and 3 ER in a 7-4 victory. With Ohtani’s dominace on the mound the Angels were off to their first 3-1 record in 10 years.

The Angels were able to defeat the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday and with that win they ended a 12 game losing streak against Cleveland. A big part to the Angels success against Cleveland was thanks to Ohtani who hit a three run home run in the first inning on Tuesday. Ohtani would also went to tie the score with a two run blast on Tuesday.

A major key is finding out how Jefry Marte will fit in with the Angels. Currently Marte has 2 doubles against Gossett but won’t be playing tonight due to Ohtani being the DH. Marte also is primarily a first baseman but Albert Pujols currently holds that position.Angels
Key to an Athletics Victory:
The Athletics need to get on base and hit early. They need to be aggressive with the base running as well and Matt Olson needs to be hot offensively early on. Olson has two home runs in just 4 at bats against Angels starting pitcher Bridwell. If Olson can hit early and get into Bridwell’s head to throw him off early they have a chance to win.

Not only will Olson need to find a way to drive in runs but Khris Davis and Marcus Semien will have to dominate against Bridwell as well. Davis is 1-2 against Bridwell and has 3 RBIs while Semien in 2-4. Chapman has 12 hits on 30 at bat appearances driving in 5 runs and hit 2 home runs.

Gossett will be taking the mound for the Athletics tonight. Gossett started last Sunday against the Angels and lasted 6 innings and allowed 4 ER on 6 hits. Following that loss, Gossett is currently 0-2 against the Angels with a 5.06 ERA.

The Athletics need to expose Bridwell early. Last season when the Athletics played against Bridwell they had 6 hits and drove in 7 runs during the 3 innings he was on the mound. They also drove in 6 runs on 7 hits during the 3 innings he was on the mound in September last season.Athletics

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