Maurice Carnell IV Pre-Draft Interview

Maurice Carnell IV (#4) played corner back for North Alabama University. Carnell attended Lincoln High School in San Diego, California. Carnell played his first year of football during his senior season where he played cornerback and was named First Team All-CIF. Carnell had 0 offers coming out of high school. Carnell 3
Carnell had a successful career as a member of the North Alabama football team. Carnell started his collegiate career at a Grossmont College, a JUCO school in El Cajon, California. Carnell explained, “coming from JUCO and then having to overcome the obstacles I faced last minute, finding out I couldn’t play D1 ball, it was hard… but you know God works in mysterious way, everything truly does happen for a reason.” Carnell was able to play alongside his best friend Dorsey Norris and they went to the D2 National Championship Carnell’s first year. In his two year career at NAU, Carnell tallied 64 total tackles (53 solo, 11 assisted), 26 pass deflections, 1 forced fumble and 6 interceptions. Carnell talked about his experience saying, “the history & tradition there, being known as a top powerhouse & all the support from the city was amazing. My two years there I would never change anything.”Carnell 1
Carnell said his toughest matchup he faced during his two year career at North Alabama came against his teammate Dre Hall. Carnell called Dre “the best wide receiver in Division 2.” Carnell commented saying, “he would beat me on certain routes and doing little things, I would go back and watch film and see what he beat me with and how and I would work on that so it wouldn’t happen again.” Carnell was able to use his ability to learn on and off the field to better his game during practice as he prepared for games. Carnell also uses his quick feet and vision to play the receiver and not allow deep balls thrown against him.

Carnell is currently training for his pro day as he looks to impress NFL Scouts one more time before the NFL Draft in April. Carnell said, “my main focus is getting faster, stronger, and more explosive. Improving to become a better football player in every aspect.” Carnell will be tested on things such as bench press, 40 yard dash, and shuttle run, to name a couple. Carnell is an excellent tackler and is able to stay in front of the offense to bring them down.

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